Four major hazards and control measures of aphids

Jun. 03, 2021

Speaking of aphids, I believe that many garden friends are familiar with it. This small piercing-sucking pest tends to cluster on the twigs and leaves of trees, flowers, and seedlings. It is not only harmful in itself, but also causes a series of other Question, this issue will talk about the harm caused by aphids and control measures!

Four hazards of aphids:

1. The growth of plants is blocked and deformed: Aphids use piercing and sucking mouthparts to absorb a large amount of sap from the plant, which causes deterioration of plant nutrition, stagnation or delay of growth, severe deformed growth, short plant growth, curled leaves, or even growth stops. The flower buds cannot be opened, and the plants age and age prematurely.

2. Infected virus: Aphids can carry viruses, and then invade flowers from the piercing wound, causing secondary infection and damage. At least 159 species of aphids are known to carry viruses. Among them, the cotton aphid can transmit 107 kinds of viruses, and the green peach aphid can transmit 103 kinds of viruses. Some of the viruses carried can cause serious viral diseases.

3. The secretion of honeydew induces coal pollution: the polluted aphids suck excessive plant sap out of the body. Because aphids are plentiful and gluttonous, the discharged honeydew covers the surface of the leaves, attracting ants, infecting molds, and inducing coal pollution, which seriously affects the breathing and ornamental effects of flowers.

4. Formation of insect galls: Aphids inject saliva into the plant body while sucking plant sap, causing spots, insect galls, tumors and other harmful conditions, which will affect the viewing effect.

Comprehensive control methods of aphids:

1. To eliminate aphids, start from the overwintering period and get twice the result with half the effort. It can be combined with pruning to thoroughly remove the remaining branches, diseased branches and leaves that aphids inhabit or lurking eggs, and burn them together. Combine with the famous Qilin Kangqingyuan package Kill insect eggs and reduce the source of insects.

2. When a small amount of aphids is found, use a brush dipped in water to clean it, and if possible, use natural enemies such as ladybugs and lacewings to control it.

3. When a large number of aphids are found, isolate them in time, and immediately use drugs such as Qilin Zhiru to eliminate the pests

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